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PENN FIERCE SPINNING REEL  Full metal body and side plate keep precise gear alignment under heavy loads.  Machined and anodized aluminum spool.  Stainless steel main shaft.  4 stainless steel ball bearings.  Infinite anti-reverse.  Techno-Balanced(TM) rotor gives smooth retrieves.  Machined and anodized aluminum handle with soft touch knob.

NOTE: Model 1000 - line capacity 180 yd/2 lb mono, braid capacity 160 yd/6 lb braid, max drag 7 lbs; Model 2000 - line capacity 260 yd/4 lb mono, braid capacity 260 yd/8 lb braid, max drag 7 lbs; Model 3000 - line capacity 250 yd/6 lb mono, braid capacity 275 yd/10 lb braid, max drag 10 lbs; Model 4000 - line capacity 280 yd/8 lb mono, braid capacity 335 yd/15 lb braid, max drag 13 lbs; Model 5000 - line capacity 250 yd/12 lb mono, braid capacity 405 yd/20 lb braid, max drag 20 lbs; Model 6000 - line capacity 320 yd/15 lb mono, braid capacity 445 yd/30 lb, max drag 20 lbs; Model 7000 - line capacity 390 yd/17 lb mono, braid capacity 505 yd/40 lb, max drag 25 lbs; Model 8000 - line capacity 390 yd/30 lb mono, braid capacity 550 yd/50 lb, max drag 25 lbs.

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